Carlsson coats Mercedes in gold

Carlsson coats Mercedes in gold

Mercedes Benz tuning specialist Carlsson has launched a limited edition version of the S-Class model which is coated in more than 1,000 sheets of gold leaf.

Developed specifically for the luxury Chinese market, the CS50 Versailles - named after the opulent Palace of Versailles near Paris - takes more than 200 hours to assemble as the sheets are applied individually with a squirrel-hair brush.

It then takes another 100 hours to coat 278 elements inside the car in £10,000 worth of gold, while other optional extras include rear entertainment, a humidor for cigars and full business facilities.

Only 25 models of the CS50 Versailles are being built, and the German company said it has already sold 10 of them.

It is not known how much the CS50 costs, but the cheapest standard S-Class is available for £60,000 and, with £15,000 worth of gold and 300 hours of labour, prices are likely to start in excess of £100,000.

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