Carjacking a concern for motorists

The fear of being carjacked is leading motorists to lock their doors while at the wheel, a survey has shown.

Three in five motorists keep the doors locked when driving through built-up areas at least some of the time, a survey by Admiral found.

And despite a fall in car crime, 80% of the 2,667 adults polled said they worried about their car being stolen or broken into.

Those worrying the most are drivers in Northern Ireland and Yorkshire (with 88% fearing car crime). This contrasts with south west England where only 71% are worried.

Carjacking concerns are most prominent in London, where 69% of drivers say they lock their doors while driving some of the time.

The survey showed that 19% of motorists had experienced the theft of a car at some time and 44% have suffered break-ins.

London is the car crime capital, with 15% of vehicle owners in the capital having had their car stolen or broken into in the last year. The next-worst areas are the north west and south west of England with a 12% crime rate.

Only 9% of those polled thought car crime had decreased over the last 12 months, with 37% reckoning it had increased and 36% believing it had stayed at the same level.

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