Car washing 'done mostly by men'

Men are more likely than women to wash their car themselves at home, a new study shows.

More than half (55%) of men polled for a study said they did their own car washing, compared with just 37% of women.

Many female motorists appeared to be happier letting others do the washing for them. Nearly a quarter (23%) said they left the task to another family member, compared with just 4% of men who passed the job on to someone else.

The study was carried out by Populus for car leasing website and involved 1,700 motorists.

Richard Lawson, a spokesman for the firm, said: "It's interesting to see that women appear to take a back seat in the care of the car and are leaving car washing to other family members.

"Previous research has shown that women tend to leave car maintenance to men too, but we're surprised that this even extends to simple jobs such as car washing. It seems some gender stereotypes remain deep-seated in our culture."

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