Car use drops among younger drivers

Young people are much better than elderly drivers at taking on board the message about making fewer journeys by car and more using public transport, research suggests.

A report from the RAC Foundation found there had been a drop in the number of car trips taken by 16 to 29-year-olds over the past 10 years.

But research showed a rapid growth in car ownership and car usage among those aged 70 or more during the same time period.

The report, produced for the RAC Foundation by a team of leading transport academics, found drivers aged 30 to 49 used their vehicles the most - travelling by car for 69% of all trips taken.

Lead researcher Dr Karen Lucas, from Oxford University, said the number of licensed cars had grown from 22.7 million to 29.6 million in the last decade - a rise of 30%.

About 8% of all trips under half a mile are taken in a car, while this figure rises to 78% for trips of two to three miles, and 80% for trips that are five miles and over in length.

Dr Lucas added: "Our research suggests that most people cannot envisage a future without their cars and many would go to considerable lengths to continue using them."

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