Car trips 'cause family friction'

After embarking on lengthy car trips with their children to get to summer holiday destinations, a number of UK parents are guilty of losing their temper, new research shows.

According to Peugeot, some 55% of the country's parents have lost their cool during a long spell of driving and got annoyed with their young ones.

When their children are not travelling with them in a car, 62% of parents reported that they tend to feel happier.

For those who travel with youngsters, 43% of parents admit that they can experience feelings of anger, irritation or anxiety.

When making ajourney planner ahead of a long trip, parents might need to try and inject some fun into their drives, suggested child psychologist Professor Tanya Byron, who collaborated on the research with the car maker.

She said: "A stressful journey with whining and fighting kids can cause huge tension and lead to arguments and a bad atmosphere that can overshadow the holiday barely before it has begun."

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