Car servicing left to men - survey

A new study has found that female motorists are more likely to rely on their male counterparts to take their car for a service, rather than carry out the task themselves.

Only 30% of women who took part in the Bosch Car Service survey said that they take their own cars for a service. This compares with 70% of men.

Although both male and female drivers who participated in the study claimed they do not have a particular 'dread' towards car servicing in comparison with other household chores, 35% of women said they are not sure of getting a good experience from the task, compared with just 24% of men.

Bosch Car Service concept manager, Howard Price, said: "It is clear that there is still a feeling of discomfort amongst women drivers towards taking their cars in for a service, which could be why they are leaving it up to men.

"The majority of customers in general (70%) already feel confident that they will get a good experience of getting a car serviced, and this is good news for the profession.

"However, there are still discrepancies according to gender and age; car servicing professionals need to continue to do all they can to build the same levels of confidence among all customers, regardless of whether they are male or female, old or young."

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