Car sellers 'face £500 cash loss'

Motorists have been urged to ensure that their car is in the best condition possible to maximise its resale value, after Manheim Auctions found that failure to fix minor issues lead to a loss of up to £500 from the price while selling.

Damage to alloys wheels, headlights, windscreens and tears to the carpets and front-seat upholstery can reduce the value by up to £300, according toManheim.

One in 10 motorists fail to ensure that such issues are fixed, it said.

Craig Mailey, client services & marketing director, Manheim Auctions, said: "It's imperative that motorists do everything they can to maximise what their car is worth.

"Ensuring a car is clean and in the best condition possible will go a long way to getting the best resale price."

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