Car scrapes blamed on small spaces

Car scrapes blamed on small spaces

Increasingly snug car parking spaces are being blamed for a rise in the number of minor motoring mishaps.

Halfords claims that over the past 20 years cars have got wider, yet parking spaces have remained the same size.

Drivers surveyed by Halfords said 50% of such car park incidents had left damage to their doors, while bumpers were damaged in 14% of cases and wings in a further 13%.

Drivers of smaller cars may be less prone to such accidents, as well as enjoying lower running costs, cheaper car insurance and a minimal environmental footprint.

Halfords teamed up with paintwork specialist G3 Pro to carry out the research and found that, on average, vehicles are 16% bigger than 20 years ago.

The previously recommended width for a car is 5ft 11ins (1.80m) but the average Ford Focus is now around 6ft 7ins (2.01m).

"The majority of drivers we questioned blamed their scratches and repair costs on inconsiderate drivers parking too close to them but our research shows that the actual size of parking spaces is leaving them little choice," said a spokesman for the survey.

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