Car salesman quits after 50 years

Car salesman quits after 50 years

A car salesman is retiring more than 50 years and 100,000 sold cars after he took up the post.

Ken Searle, who works for Benfield Motor Group in the North East, has sold a monumental amount of cars during his illustrious career.

"I've loved every minute of my career and I wouldn't have changed a thing," he said.

"Nissan's been a great brand to work with and it's been brilliant to watch it grow, particularly here in the North East where many of the cars are made."

Mr Searle began life working with British Leyland, before moving to a new selling team when the Japanese manufacturer Datsun first arrived in the UK.

He still remembers his first Datsun sale, a 100a, for a penny less than £1,000.

"Datsun were superb then," he said. "Everything was in the Datsun, whereas you got nothing with another car."

Datsun was rebranded as Nissan in the 1980s, with the Japanese car company setting up a plant in Sunderland.

"When the factory opened down the road it didn't really help sales because nobody wanted a Geordie-built car. They all wanted Japanese. The Japanese cars were so reliable and nobody trusted a car made locally," Mr Searle said.

"But thankfully that soon changed. The factory got better and better and so did the products and soon everybody wanted Nissans again and British-built ones at that."

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