Car rental 'benefits family budget'

Two-car families are saving money by selling one of them and using a rental vehicle as a day-to-day alternative, according to a survey.

The YouGov report for Europcar UK Group found increasing motoring costs and fuel price hikes are changing how the nation drives.

A total of 79% of those surveyed said the feeling of being trapped into car ownership was due to where they lived, while 74% cited work and 55% put the blame on family commitments.

Europcar fleet director Tim Bailey said: "We are starting to see more people renting for day-to-day needs and as an alternative to second-car ownership.

"When you look at the figures, half the cost of running a car is fuel and over 70% of that cost is fuel tax and VAT. By renting you eliminate all the other costs - insurance, maintenance and roadside assistance - and reduce fuel consumption by as much as a third by driving a nearly-new car.

"It's a trend we think will grow - and in fact the survey shows that a quarter of motorists have either used or are considering using car rental as an alternative to car ownership."

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