Car owners struggling to cope with rising costs

The cost of motoring is seemingly in the headlines every week. We’re all aware of rising fuel prices, inflating car insurance premiums and badly maintained roads causing costly damage to our vehicles – but how bad has the situation actually got?

Worryingly bad. According to a survey by, 75% of drivers are frustrated by the continual rising cost of owning and running a car. Furthermore, nine out of 10 respondents cite escalating fuel bills as their main concern.

But are the rising financial outgoings needed to keep a car on the road causing a change in behaviour? Well, it seems so. The online poll of 2,669 motorists highlighted that 40% of drivers are cutting back on time spent on the road. 20% have turned towards public transport to get around.

Even more concerning is the fact that drivers are having to scrimp in other areas of their lives to fund necessary journeys.

Reducing grocery bills and cancelling gym memberships are two of the most popular methods of freeing up those much-needed pounds to keep a car in fuel, rubber and tax. But in doing so, it can be argued the cost of motoring is having a detrimental impact on people’s health. It’s an associated point, but a factor all the same.

Despite the postponement of a 3p per litre rise in fuel duty until January, it seems British motorists are not entirely certain the government is on their side either. 75% of people called for more support from the government and more relief for motorists.

In short, the cost of motoring is a significant factor for a big proportion of the population – and their concerns over it are growing.

For more information on the financial, social and safety impacts of running a car, check out the RAC’s 2012 Report on Motoring.