Car-makers work together on future

Car-makers work together on future

Two car manufacturers have forged a deal to create a new Alfa Romeo roadster at a factory in Japan.

Mazda and Fiat have now signed an agreement which will see them working together on the vehicle, which will be rear-wheel drive. In two years' time, Mazda will start manufacturing a new version of its famous MX-5, which will have the same chassis as the new Alfa Romeo.

This means the two-seat convertible can be built on the same production line by the same workers in Hiroshima. However, although the basic core of the cars will be the same, they will have different engines, styles and details.

It is not yet known exactly how the two vehicles will differ from each other but the Alfa will use its own power plant.

Mazda is optimistic that this collaboration will help boost the popularity of convertible sports cars in the hope that sales of MX-5s will increase. And Alfa is keen to come up with a model that drives well with good technology but is also accessible to customers.

The combination of an MX-5 chassis with an engine and finishing touches by Alfa Romeo is expected to see car enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the launch of the new vehicle in 2015.

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