Car is preferred mode of transport

The car is the number one transport mode of choice among holidaymakers, who say they find planes and trains "a pain" when it comes to summer travel trips.

A survey of 2,000 adults for Norwich Union found that 71% said that travelling by air was the most stressful way of arriving at their summer holiday destination, while 69% said they were turned off by train travel.

More than one in four (41%) actively voiced a preference for the motor vehicle to get them to where they wanted to be, with the main benefits of car journeys listed as beautiful scenery, "being in control" and the "lure of the open road".

Rail engineering works, delays, queues, expensive tickets and overcrowding were the main things that prevented people from taking trains or planes.

The survey also found that high fuel prices had failed to deter 67% of motorists from taking a leisurely pleasure drive in the last month; 40% claimed they never had family arguments in the car; and 49% see a car trip as part of their holiday.

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