Car insurers keep on charging more

Four out of five motorists have seen their current car insurance premiums go up year-on-year, according to a poll.

A survey by What Car? Magazine found that more than 80% are paying more for their insurance than they did last year, while just one in six (16%) recorded a fall in their premium prices.

Findings revealed that 32% said their premiums have risen by more than a third.

The poll found that car insurance on a Skoda Fabia belonging to a 25-year-old man had increased by 77% to £1,520 - more than the price of the car itself.

Meanwhile, an 18-year-old girl saw the insurance premium on her Ford Fiesta rise year-on-year by 52% to £4,250.

Neither driver had made a claim in the past 12 months, according to the survey.

What Car? said the Association of British Insurers blamed the vastly increased premiums on three main things: uninsured drivers (who add on average £30 a year to a policy); fraudulent claims (£41 a year) and legal fees incurred in settling personal injury claims (£41 a year).

What Car? said while all three issues were the subject of increasing legislation and government inquiry, it was calling on the authorities to act faster and more efficiently so innocent motorists do not keep on paying for criminal activity.

Jim Holder, editor, What Car? Magazine, said: "We're in danger of getting caught in a catch-22 situation, where insurance premiums rise as a result of insurance fraud, which in turn makes it more tempting to risk driving without insurance."

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