Car garage complaints fall in 2009

The number of complaints received against independent garages across the country has fallen in the first half of 2009, it has been reported.

Consumer Direct received over 8,000 complaints about car servicing and repairs in the first half of the year. Motor Codes has claimed that the free consumer advice line and minimum standards it has set up for subscribing garages has helped the volume of complaints to decrease.

The group also provides consumer protection through its new car code and vehicle warranty products code, while each code is backed with free conciliation and legally binding arbitration. Consumer Direct often refers callers and web visitors to Motor Codes for further advice.

"The information available on the website, combined with guidance offered by our free consumer advice line means that motorists should always know where to turn with issues regarding the service and repair of their vehicles," said Motor Codes director Chris Mason.

"Searching by town on the Motor Codes website, car owners should always find themselves within reach of a trusted Motor Codes garage. With over 5,900 subscribers nationwide, we're confident that we can continue to raise the standard for the service and repair industry, driving down customer complaints."

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