Car fixes 'a turn-off' for over-50s

Car fixes 'a turn-off' for over-50s

The proportion of motorists aged over 50 who carry out basic maintenance on their own cars has almost halved over the last five years, a survey suggests.

While 17% of older car owners were likely to attempt basic repairs on their vehicle in 2007, that figure has now fallen to 10%, according to research by Saga.

More than three-quarters (77%) of older motorists would now take their vehicle to a garage for relatively straightforward fixes such as a battery or oil filter change, a figure that has increased from six in 10 (60%) five years ago.

Whether or not the statistics suggest older drivers are becoming less confident about repairing their vehicles is up for debate - but if that is the case then motorists might be more keen than ever to ensure they have good-qualitycar breakdown cover to help them if they run into trouble on the roads.

Saga's survey of 9,000 customers also revealed a regional variation in attitudes to DIY car maintenance, with Londoners the least likely to carry out maintenance on their cars, while those in the north east of England were the most inclined to get hands-on and attempt to fix their motors themselves.

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