Car firms launch blind-spot mirrors

Two car making giants have announced that they are to introduce blind-spot mirrors on some of their larger vehicles later this year.

The mirrors will be fitted as standard on the new Ford Edge crossover and the Chevrolet Traverse crossover which go into production this autumn.

Ford spokesperson Kelly Kohlstrand said the mirror would be a standard feature on some versions of the Edge and will be added to other vehicles next year.

Blind-spot mirrors will also be a standard feature on the 2009 Chevrolet Traverse crossover, which will start production in September, General Motors revealed.

On both the Edge and the Traverse, small mirrors will sit flush in the outer corner of the side mirrors, giving drivers a clear view of whatever might be in their blind spot. The mirrors are specifically designed for each model and, says Ford, are superior to 'aftermarket' mirrors because they use "one continuous glass surface and are robust to the elements".

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