Car expert offers roundabout tips

Car expert offers roundabout tips

In the latest of driver training specialist IAM's series of Drive and Survive tips for motorists, head of training Simon Elstow has issued the following tips for drivers on roundabouts:

:: Information: When approaching a roundabout, be sure to check what kind of traffic waiting at or on the circuit, and what kind of speed it is moving at.

:: Position: Get into the right lane early. If you're going right move to the right hand lane, or if left or straight on choose the left hand lane. Follow any signs directing lane use.

:: Gears: In your final approach, pick the right gear for your speed and do a full mirror check.

:: Accelerate: When you have picked a gap to enter the roundabout on, try to accelerate smoothly. Jerky or quick movements can confuse other drivers.

Commenting on his advice, Elstow said: "At roundabouts, it is useful to try and consider the whole thing as one maneouvre.

"That way you have a plan about which lane to be in, when to move into that lane and what signals to expect to use, but you need to prepare to be flexible - other road users don't always behave as we'd expect them to."

Officials at IAM claim that drivers who pay attention to Elstow's advice are likely to make themselves better, safer road users and less prone to having to make a claim on their car insurance .

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