Car dealers in technology slow lane

Car dealers are in the slow lane when it comes to modern sales methods, a new survey has revealed.

Less than one in 10 car dealers has a website tailored to mobile web platforms or smartphone use, according to research by web management firm GForces.

Yet a quarter of UK consumers utilises these devices to shop for goods, including new and used vehicles andcar insurance.

Some 43% of car buyers plan to use their mobile phone to perform an initial search for their next vehicle, while the number of smartphone users in the UK increased by 80% to 13 million during this year alone.

GForces spokesman Tim Smith said: "The era of mass-market adoption of internet-enabled mobile handsets is upon us.

"People are increasingly using their mobiles to perform extensive research before making a purchase, whether that's online or in the showroom.

"To successfully harness the opportunity, dealers must understand how mobile technology is being used and adapt their online content to reflect the change."

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