Car clubs 'could increase EV sales'

Car clubs could help increase the sale of environment-friendly electric vehicles as they provide an ideal marketing platform for manufacturers to showcase their vehicles, according to the managing director of City Car Club.

Although the Government has been offering people a £5,000 grant to offset the additional costs of acquiring an EV since January, figures show that only 786 people bought an electric vehicle.

James Finlayson has said that more drivers could be encouraged to buy electric cars if manufacturers work with rental companies and car sharing clubs so that people have access to EVs.

"I think that there's a good opportunity for manufacturers to be able to work with rental companies and car sharing clubs to showcase their vehicles," Mr Finlayson said.

In the UK, 160,000 car club members are currently using 3,100 vehicles.

The short-term vehicles rental service offered by City Car Club has resulted in a 64% combined annual growth rate over the past three years.

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