Car checker backs BBC campaign

A firm specialising in checking cars' histories prior to sale has thrown its support behind a BBC campaign aimed at protecting unsuspecting buyers

HPI, which allows consumers to access detailed histories of second hand cars, has pledged to support the BBC's campaign to stop the sale of cars which already have outstanding credit against them.

According to HPI's own statistics, 25% of cars checked by its users are still being paid off by a previous owner and pose the most serious threat facing buyers of used cars.

The BBC launched its campaign on its Inside Out programme, aired earlier this week. The show highlighted dealers selling on credit to new customers in the guise of 'logbook loans'.

Logbook loans are a type of finance usually offered to people who would otherwise find it difficult to secure conventional loan options.

Commenting on the campaign, HPI's consumer director, Kristian Welch, said: "People are simply finding it too difficult to get traditional finance deals from the bank, and in turn a logbook loan has become increasingly popular.

"An HPI check still offers buyers one of the best forms of protection from falling foul of this type of agreement."

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