Car charging points plan unveiled

The Government has said that in the future most electric vehicle owners should be able to charge their cars at home.

Commenting on a report outlining plans for recharging infrastructure, Transport Secretary Philip Hammond said it is "not the right approach" to have a charging point on every street corner.

The new strategy forms part of a wider programme, valued at £400 million, to support ultra-low emission vehicles.

It aims to encourage more motorists to opt for plug-in vehicles. The Government also intends to help private firms to offer recharging infrastructure by removing regulatory restrictions.

Furthermore, it plans to include a new policy on plug-in vehicle infrastructure into the National Planning Policy Framework.

Mr Hammond said: "Electric cars mean getting out of the mentality of needing to travel to a petrol station and into the habit of refuelling when a vehicle is not being used."

Shadow transport secretary Maria Eagle said: "This is yet another blow to the Tory-led Government's claim that they would be the 'greenest government ever' and bad news for the UK's green industries.

"The Committee on Climate Change is clear that if the UK is to remain on course to hit ambitious carbon-reduction targets we need to have reached 1.7 million electric vehicles by 2020. The Tory-led Government should be supporting green industries and new jobs."

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