Car buyers urged to cash in on lull

Used-car buyers have been urged to use the pre-Christmas lull to their advantage.

Car history checking company HPI said that used vehicles are generally priced lower than average in the traditional off-peak seasons, though recent trends have been affected by the scrappage scheme and the recession.

HPI said that while winter is believed to be a peak time for convertible models, its own research shows that sales of four-by-fours peak during the periods of February to March and October to November.

With rising demand, prices would also go up.

Nicola Johnson, consumer services manager for HPI, said: "If you look to take a holiday in peak times, you would expect to pay more. However, when buying a car, some consumers forget that timing can be just as important.

"There are certain times of the year when you are more likely to drive yourself a bargain. Although it's tempting to pick up a convertible when the sun is shining, if buyers plan ahead, they can pick up a dream car with a dream price tag to match."

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