Car buyers 'suffer intimidation'

Buying a new car is an intimidating experience for most people, a survey has revealed.

Some 74% of people admitted they felt uncomfortable looking round a new car showroom with a salesperson nearby.

Half of respondents cited the "perceived attitude of staff" as a reason for feeling overwhelmed, while 49% said they would prefer visiting showrooms if they were able to browse at their leisure.

Buyers in the North East were most likely to feel intimidated in showrooms, according to the poll by Auto Trader.

The magazine has named the phenomenon "Pretty Woman Syndrome" - inspired by scenes in the film where shop assistants look down their noses at Julia Roberts.

The survey of 1,000 people found that 47% were unhappy about the lack of prices displayed on showroom vehicles, while 37% admitted that having more knowledge about cars would help them feel more comfortable when making a purchase.

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