Car buyers beware 'dodgy dealers'

The ghost of Arthur Daley is still alive and kicking tyres at dodgy car dealerships up and down the country, says the consumer magazine Which?

Misleading and vague advice is common when buying a car, its says, with pressure selling, 0 deadlines for 'discounts' - and the so-called "bait and switch".

This is where a dealer advertises a car it does not have in stock in order to lure customers into the showroom in the hope of selling them another model.

Of 26 dealers visited by the magazine's researchers, some made claims that were vague or downright un1, while others could have broken new rules established last May to protect buyers.

Editor Richard Headland said: "The ghost of Arthur Daley is alive and kicking unfortunately. Dealers have had ample time to get used to the new rules, but too many still let car buyers down.

"Our investigation was just a snapshot, but we still found several examples of dubious sales advice. If dealers want to win the confidence of consumers, especially in these tough times, they need to play by the rules."

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