Car buyer spending plans revealed

Car buyer spending plans revealed

Nearly one in four motorists plan to buy a car over the next few months, results of a new survey suggest.

Those thinking of buying a new vehicle expect to fork out an average of £14,831 - 7% less than those who intended to do so during the previous six month period.

But drivers thinking about buying a second-hand car intend on paying an average of £7,314. This is 10% more than the price those who said they planned on buying a used car between September 2014 and February this year were happy to part with.

Carried out by Sainsbury's Bank, the survey of just over 2,000 adults shows that when both new and used cars are taken into account, people plan to part with an average of £10,290 - 9% less than people envisaged spending six months ago.

Last year new car sales hit a 10-year high in the UK. In total more than 2.47 million were sold, a 9.3% jump on the figure for 2013.

And the boom has carried on into 2015 with February's increase of 12% meaning that sales have risen for 36 months in a row.

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