Car alarm noise 'ignored by most'

An insurance company has indicated that people in Glasgow are more likely to ignore a car alarm than residents of any other major UK city, with 91% of passers-by showing no sign of acknowledging the noise.

However, the few who did react to an alarm during "tests" were unlikely to take time out to contact the police, according to Aviva.

The company conducted tests by setting off car alarms in the streets of Glasgow, London, Cardiff and Manchester to find out how people would respond to the noise.

Glasgow came last in the car alarms test after it was revealed that the city had the greatest level of "alarm apathy", with 91% of Glaswegians ignoring the noise.

During the test, a car alarm was sounded for an hour in the Clarkston area in the city's southside. Only two out of the 22 people who walked past showed signs of reacting to the sound.

Not one of the 115 people tested across the four cities were concerned enough to investigate the noise or report possible criminal activity.

Aviva found that people in Cardiff were the most alert, with a quarter of those tested paying some attention to the car alarm.

New cars usually come with an alarm but they may need to be installed in older cars. Having a car alarm can also help motorists get a better price oncar insurance cover.

Martin Smith, motor claims manager at Aviva, said: "Alarms obviously offer a straightforward method for protecting a car and it's important that, where possible, cars are fitted with them.

"But it's clear from our research that they've become like urban white noise, as commonplace as dogs barking, sirens and everyday traffic."

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