Car air conditioning 'key feature'

Drivers across the country would rather have air conditioning than car alarms, the latest survey has revealed.

The survey shows that 81% of motorists rated air conditioning the most valued built-in feature.

The findings will benefit buyers and sellers trying to discover which of the latest features add value to vehicles.

Customers of were asked to rate the importance of a range of car features.

It was found that the second highest driver must-haves were alarms and immobilisers with 67% of people rating them as extremely important and 21% saying they would prefer to have them.

In contrast, 67% said a TV or DVD player for passengers isn't important at all and 58% say the same about sub woofers. This offers sellers an important insight into what they need to highlight in their advertisement to draw the most interest.

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After alarms, Sat Nav is the most important feature with 24% believing it is almost entirely necessary, and 44% preferring to have it. MP3 player kits also ranked highly, with 52% preferring to have one. Hands free mobile phone kits are important to 29%, while 50% would like to have speed camera detection.

Let's hope that drivers have addedcar insurance to their list of essential features.

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