Cape Town to London record smashed

Cape Town to London record smashed

The Cape Town to London drive-time record has been broken by two Britons, who completed the 10,000-mile trip in 10 days.

Philip Young, 63, and Paul Brace, 49, arrived in London after driving a Fiat Panda all the way from Cape Town to raise money for the Farm Africa charity.

The pair set off from the South African city on the morning of February 1 and managed to complete the 13 country journey in just 10 days.

The previous Cape Town to London record, which was set by a British husband-and-wife team in 1983, stood at 14 days.

Mr Young, from Kingsdown, near Deal, in Kent, and Mr Brace, from Bexhill in East Sussex, smashed the previous record by taking advantage of a new land crossing between Egypt and Sudan and getting special permission to drive across Libya without border hold-ups.

So far, the pair have raised more than £12,500 for Farm Africa, which helps families in rural Africa produce food more effectively.

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