Campaign to endorse motor careers

Campaign to endorse motor careers

A social media campaign has been launched to help get more young people interested in a career in the automotive industry, after a poll found that fewer than one in 10 parents would encourage their children to work in the sector.

A survey by the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) also reveals that just under one in five parents (19%) would encourage their children to take a vocational course such as an apprenticeship, while more than half hope their children will go to university.

However, the IMI estimates that young people who complete vocational training in the motor sector will have been paid up to £100,000 more by the time they are 25 than most university graduates - and the latter also face an average of £55,000 in tuition fee debt.

IMI chief executive Steve Nash pointed out that apprentices in the automotive sector now train in "top class colleges" and "cutting edge facilities". He added that, unlike most university students, apprentices earn while they learn, without having to worry about student debt.

The motor industry is a well-paid, high tech sector where qualified technicians can easily earn between £25,000 to £35,000 - more than the UK average, Mr Nash said.

The IMI's social media campaign will run under the #MotorCareers hashtag and is being supported by more than 30 organisations.

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