Camouflaged supercar is stranded

A member of one of Italy's most wealthy and influential families had to be rescued by a breakdown service after his camouflage-pattered Ferrari 458 ran out of fuel.

Lapo Elkann from the Agnelli clan, Italy's answer to the Kennedys in the US, was driving from Milan to Genoa on a stretch of road which is dotted with petrol stations every 20 miles.

Passing holidaymakers heading for the Italian Riviera posted photos and comments on Twitter of the stranded motorist.

The Ferrari, capable of hitting a top speed of 200mph, has an 85 litre petrol tank.

Mr Elkann has had previous motoring troubles, after he broke down on a tram line in Milan resulting in temporary chaos in the centre of the city, reinforcing the importance of always havingbreakdown cover .

The 35-year-old Mr Elkann is one of the most well known members of the Agnelli family, which founded Fiat.

Parallels have been drawn between them and the Kennedy family in the US due to their extensive wealth, influence and frequent misfortune which has affected members.

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