Cameron's limo dented in kerb crash

Davis Cameron's £200,000 limo was damaged after his driver hit a kerb in riot-ravaged Salford, it has been revealed.

Despite warning shouts from a Conservative Party official, the driver of the dark blue Jaguar XJ clipped a high kerb as he picked the PM up at the end of his visit to a looted Lidl supermarket.

Although the car is believed to be bomb-proof and bullet proof, the crash has left a deep dent in the front passenger door and a scratch along the vehicle's base, leaving 10 Downing Street with a car insurance claim for the damage caused to the vehicle.

The PM had been visiting staff at a looted supermarket when the driver misjudged a corner and collided with the kerb.

Mr Cameron, who was seemingly unaware of the prang, jumped in as the car pulled up and was immediately taken away.

"It's going to take some buffing to get that out," said a passing local, who saw the bump happen.

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