Cameron 'misses driving his car'

The Prime Minister has revealed he misses being behind the wheel of his "beautiful" car.

Since David Cameron is not allowed to drive for security reasons, he has to be satisfied with just "looking lovingly" at the Honda CRV parked outside Downing Street.

Speaking at the carmaker's factory in Swindon, Mr Cameron said: "I am the proud owner of a Honda CRV."

The premier said the only aspect he did not like about his job was not being able to get into the driver's seat of his car.

Mr Cameron said: "This beautiful machine sitting outside Downing Street, and I've not been in it for nine months. Just imagine the tragedy."

On his visit to the factory, he said: "I've really enjoyed coming to see where my car was built."

Towards the close of his session with staff, Mr Cameron said: "While I don't want to get in it soon, because that would mean that my political career had come to an end, I want to go on looking at it lovingly, as I do."

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