Camera has ability to see around corners

Camera has ability to see around corners

Scientists have developed an experimental camera that could allow motorists to "see" around blind corners.

The high-tech system works by sending laser light from the camera round corners, and getting it back again.

It is able to detect moving objects that are hidden from view, so would be extremely useful when a driver's visibility is obscured by walls or large vehicles.

Researchers at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh believe the technology could help prevent accidents and save lives.

Short pulses of light which last for one hundredth of a trillionth of a second are sent via a laser on to the floor in front of the corner of the wall. When the light hits the floor, it scatters and travels in every direction.

The light then bounces off the object or person, like an echo, and is sent back to the camera.

Measuring the time the "echo" takes to return to the camera allows the device to figure out how far away the object is, while recording the shape of it identifies what direction it is coming from. All this happens in a second.

In addition to benefiting drivers and motorcyclists, the scientists say the technology could also be used to help rescue teams.

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