Camera 'can see through thick fog'

Camera 'can see through thick fog'

A camera has been developed which researchers say could allow motorists to "see" through thick fog on the road ahead.

The device is said to be able to tell the difference between solid objects - such as another vehicle - and the light scattered by the water droplets which make up fog.

It works by measuring the movement of extremely short bursts of light to create a three-dimensional image of translucent substances, such as fog or heavy rain.

The camera uses Time Of Flight technology that measures the reflected speed of light which bounces back off objects or substances.

It creates a type of binary code from the beams of light emitted and then analyses the pattern of light beamed back to it.

The camera is being tested at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the US.

One of the researchers, Achuta Kadambi, said: "Using our technique, you can generate 3D models of translucent or near-transparent objects.

"We can measure the range of transparent objects looking through diffusing material."

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