Calls for 20mph limit moratorium

Calls for 20mph limit moratorium

A motoring group wants to delay the blanket introduction of 20mph limits across all towns and cities until the conclusion of a three-year study.

The Association of British Drivers (ABD) says the potential impacts of such a change have yet to be fully explored by the study and changing the lower limits will be very difficult once they are introduced.

Those behind the imposition of a lower limit in towns and cities say it would improve safety, reduce accidents and lower pollution.

But the ABD claims those behind it have an ulterior motive and the government's three-year study is likely to demonstrate the supposed benefits are not realistic.

ABD chairman Brian Gregory says the campaign for a 20mph limit has "nothing to do with road safety". Instead, he describes it as "social engineering" by left-leaning and environmentalists who have "an ideological hatred of private motorised transport".

He said those behind the campaign do not represent the general population and shouldn't be allowed to dictate how people go about their lives.

Mr Gregory said it is important speed limit changes are imposed for "genuine road safety reasons" rather than to stop people using their cars.

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