Call to stop `cycling anarchy`

The Government has been asked to put a stop to "cycling anarchy" after a former minister said cyclists were putting pedestrians at risk of injury.

Former Labour minister Lord Howarth of Newport has urged something to be done as peers highlighted to the Government the problems faced by cyclists when large vehicles turn.

At question time he said: "There would be many less accidents to both cyclists and pedestrians if that significant proportion of cyclists who routinely flout the Highway Code and the law were instead to observe the rules.

"When will Government and the police take effective action to end this cycling anarchy?"

Labour's Baroness Whitaker responded: "When I sat as a magistrate every single prosecution after an accident or fatality to a cyclist was the fault of the motorist. It is very important to look at the balance of the evidence."

Transport minister Lord Adonis said he believed nothing more could be done to make the Highway Code any clearer when advising cyclists "not to ride on the inside of vehicles signalling or slowing down to turn left" and "to pay particular attention to long vehicles".

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