Call to get tough on young drivers

More than eight out of ten motorists want the Government to get tough on teenage drivers, a survey has revealed.

The Autoglass company found that almost three quarters of motorists are frightened of sharing the road with young drivers, with one in three rating drivers aged between 17-20 a serious threat to road safety.

The survey showed that 82% of motorists want the Government to be tougher on them.

Those questioned called for after-dark driving bans (24%), driving test retakes for offenders (52%) and restrictions on car engine sizes (68%).

Nigel Doggett, Autoglass managing director said: "Our survey provides an interesting snapshot into how motorists perceive teenage drivers.

"It is clear that many drivers are afraid of young motorists and want to see restrictions put in place to help them gain valuable driving experience but with lower risk to themselves and others.

"The fact remains that far too many young people are involved in accidents on our roads."

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