Call to ban advertising on lorries

Call to ban advertising on lorries

Advertisements and promotions carried on road vehicles should be banned to stop motorists being distracted or tempted to use their smartphones while at the wheel, it has been urged.

A poll conducted by Flexed poll discovered that 23% of motorists say they type web addresses into their smartphones when they see messages on commercial vehicles.

It also found that 10% of drivers take pictures of adverts with the cameras on their mobile phones while they are motoring because they want to find out more details around them.

Mobile adverts can be distracting and 4% of the poll participants admitted they had got into danger while driving and looking at ads, rather than at the road ahead. One in a hundred of them even admitted to using their phones to scan quick response (QR) codes while driving.

Motorists who are distracted are far more likely to be involved in accidents.

Flexed spokesman Mark Hall said there are already enough distractions involved in motoring and the last thing drivers should be doing is concentrating on adverts, no matter how they say they can't resist.

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