Call for stricter alcohol limit

A senior police officer has urged for a stricter legal alcohol limit, recommending it as a counter-solution to the police budget cuts, which he has said will pose "real challenges" to anti-drink-driving efforts.

Adam Briggs, deputy chief constable, North Yorkshire Police, joined motoring and road safety organisations in the campaign for a stricter permissible alcohol limit while driving.

Mr Briggs, who was among the experts consulted about proposals submitted to the Department for Transport to almost halve the drink-drive limit from 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood to 50mg, said Government spending cuts are set to impact the enforcement of drink-driving regulations.

The proposal to reduce the alcohol limit, bringing England in line with most of Europe, was recommended by an in-depth study commissioned by the previous Labour government.

According to the report, which reviewed the legal alcohol limit for driving, Malta was the only other part of Europe with such a high limit. The report by Sir Peter North also highlighted that far fewer tests were carried out in the UK than other countries.

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