Call for speed limiters as standard

Call for speed limiters as standard

All new vans should be fitted with 70mph speed limiters by manufacturers at no extra cost, according to the Freight Transport Association (FTA).

The organisation claims the limiters would lower fuel consumption, reduce the number of speeding fines and that these would not be the only pluses for commercial vehicle fleet managers.

AnFTA statement suggested that limiting vehicle speeds provided "many other demonstrable benefits," stating reduced repair and maintenance bills and lower driver stress levels.

The chairman of the FTA, Gary Whittam, says a van going at 80mph uses considerably more fuel than one travelling at 70mph - "You don't need a calculator to work out that at over £7 per gallon, that's just burning money," he said.

He added that operators who used speed limiters had not been unhappy with journey times and Rory Morgan, of GM National Logistics at Iron Mountain asked how businesses could depend on their drivers breaking the law to keep to schedules. "In these days of corporate responsibility, it's just not acceptable," he said.

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