Call for motorway privatisation

To help the country switch to a low-carbon economy Britain should have a pay-as-you-drive scheme for motorways, a senior Tory MP has said.

Drivers should be charged based on emissions and time of travel to promote green vehicle choices and cut peak time congestion, according to chairman of the Commons Energy and Climate Change Select Committee Tim Yeo.

In order to fund investment in high-speed rail and road improvements, he also called for the "overdue" privatisation of Britain's motorway network.

The move would be an extra cost to drivers, who have other overheads such as petrol costs,car insurance, MOT and repairs.

The committee would "expose" any "slippage" in the Coalition's commitment to green policies, the former environment minister said.

The South Suffolk MP, who chaired the Commons Environmental Audit Committee during the last parliament, wrote a book called Green Gold: The Case For Raising Our Game On Climate Change.

In it he put forward a package of measures to accelerate the UK's move to a low-carbon economy - which he argues would provide large financial rewards in the long run.

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