Call for extra cash to repair roads

Local authorities in Scotland will need extra funding to meet the estimated £100 million they are expected to spend on clearing up and repairing snow-clogged roads this winter, according to a leading councillor.

Council bosses will have to discuss the cash requirement with the Scottish Government and, if no help comes, they would be forced to look at cuts in other services, said Pat Watters, the president of the local government body Cosla.

He said the £100 million figure was a "conservative estimate", adding that councils have already used up an "enormous" 500 million tonnes of salt and the winter is still not over.

Mr Watters told BBC Radio Scotland: "We will have to talk to the Government to see how we manage.

"At the end of the day we need to balance our books, we can't put in an overspend at the end of the financial period, we have to balance the books and if we have to take money from elsewhere we're going to have to do that."

Last winter the councils went £85 million over their budget on maintaining the road network, with an extra £34 million spent on gritting and the remainder on making repairs, Mr Watters said.

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