Call for drivers to get eyes tested

One in three Britons has such poor eyesight that they are unable to see properly when driving, according to the latest research.

The findings have led to a nationwide campaign calling for compulsory eye tests for all UK drivers, as motorists struggle with driving at night, distance vision and reading road signs. The research, commissioned by Ultralase along with road safety charity Brake, surveyed 2,000 drivers across Britain.

The research found that 20% of Britons have had at least one driving incident as a result of poor vision, whether that be damaging their vehicle or a road accident. Ultralase has now launched an online petition for mandatory eye tests, a move they say 89% of Britain supports.

Martin Howard, spokesperson at Brake, urged drivers to remember the consequences that can result from poor eyesight at the wheel and encouraged drivers to get eye tests every two years.

Drivers who get their eyes tested will be safer at the wheel and reduce their risk of getting involved in accidents. However,car insurance policies can also protect your vehicle and save you money should you be involved in any unforeseen incidents.

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