Call for all bicycles to have bells

Call for all bicycles to have bells

Road accidents could be avoided if cyclists were required to have a bell on their bikes, it has been suggested in the House of Lords.

Liberal Democrat peer Lord Bradshaw made the point during a debate on the danger to blind and visually impaired people caused by "shared space" road schemes, where there is no segregation between cars, cyclists and pedestrians.

He suggested that ensuring all bikes have a bell attached to them could be one cheap and "very effective" way that the Government could reduce accidents.

Transport Minister Baroness Kramer told him she would investigate the matter and reply in writing.

Tory peer, Lord Holmes, who is himself blind and a former Paralympic swimmer, said the local authorities in Blackpool, Gloucester and Warrington have all changed their position on shared space crossings. He asked Baroness Kramer what advice she would give to councils thinking about adopting the measures.

She said the Government has sent guidance to local authorities making it clear that all groups including people with disabilities must be considered during development.

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