Call for airbag sales regulations

An accident management company has called for strict regulations on the sale of car airbags online, after it was found that the history of most of them were unclear.

About 3,000 airbags are being auctioned on the internet and they could be defective or inoperable and cause fatalities, Accident Exchange warned.

"Buying a second-hand airbag may save you money, but it could cost you your life," said the firm's chief executive, Steve Evans.

"Who is selling these airbags? Which cars are they going into and who is fitting them? More importantly why were they removed from the original vehicle in the first place? The marketplace should be strictly regulated before it gets out of hand," he added.

The company said that last year highway safety officials in the United States found that in 255 of the 1,446 fatal crashes they looked at, the airbags had not been properly replaced after an accident.

It is feared that the UK problem is being fuelled in the same way by the fraudulent replacement of stolen or used airbags after an accident.

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