Bus wages protest could get worse

As bus drivers stripped down to their boxer shorts for their "race to the bottom" protest there was a serious message behind the comedy - if demands aren't met they will take industrial action.

The demonstration in Central London was over disparity in wages, which can vary up to £10,000 per annum between different bus companies.

Unite, who organised the protest, has warned that if the request for a central pay bargaining scheme is not met then, after consultation with 28,000 London workers, further action could be taken.

Regional officer Peter Kavanagh said: "Our slogan may be humorous, but the message is deadly serious.

"Our members do identical jobs, drive the same buses, collect the same fares, and all of their wages come from the same pot - Transport for London.

"Yet their wages can vary by as much as £10,000 a year. The lower payers are dragging everybody else down.

"The bosses, who have done very nicely out of the tendering system, look like they are leaving us with no option other than to ballot our members for industrial action."

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