Bus lane drivers caught by cameras

More than 25,000 motorists have been fined after being captured driving in bus lanes in Leeds since enforcement cameras were installed in August.

The cameras, which have netted Leeds City Council more than £750,000 in a little over four months, were introduced to ensure traffic flows smoothly throughout the city.

Motorists caught using bus lanes are automatically issued with fines of £60, but the cost of their misdemeanour could be even greater if they cause an accident while travelling in the specially designated lanes and their car insurance premium rises as a result.

Councillor Richard Lewis, the council's executive member for development, said: "We're very pleased with this scheme as overall the number of motorists abusing the bus lanes is going down, with some seasonal variations.

"It is addressing the problem of selfish drivers blocking bus lanes and slowing down buses, with knock on effects to other road users across the city centre.

"Drivers knowingly break the law when driving through these bus gates and while the fixed penalty fees come back to the council, the scheme itself was costly to set up and any cash left over is ploughed back into vital services."

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