Bus lane cost £1,300 for each yard

Critics have blasted a bus lane that cost £1,300 per yard to build.

The 700-yard lane at Odd Down, Bath, cost a total of £916,000 to construct, and is supposed to ease congestion into the city.

It can be used by buses, taxis, cyclists and motorbikes on the approach to the Odd Down park and ride roundabout.

However, Liberal Democrat members of Conservative-run Bath and North East Somerset Council have condemned the spending, as only four buses use the road every hour.

Councillor Nathan Hartley said: "We are opposed to a bus lane that is 700 yards long and costs almost £1 million.

"In my ward, Peasedown St John, we have lots of pot holes caused by the heavy snow in February and we are still waiting for them to be filled.

"If the council has almost £1 million to spend on a bus lane, they should be spending that on repairing pot holes."

A spokesman for the council said the £916,000 cost was a budgeted figure and it was still waiting for a final invoice for the work.

He explained that the work included a protection scheme for bats found nesting in hedges along the route, which had to be replanted.

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