Brits warned over careless driving

Motorists face huge increases in their car insurance premiums if they are caught driving carelessly, according to research.

The comparison site found that those who are convicted of driving without due care and attention not only face a £60 fine and three penalty points on their licence, but also a between £200-400 (27%) increase in theircar insurance premiums.

Of those questioned by, some 80% said they get "preoccupied" while behind the wheel.

Some of the causes of distractions admitted by motorists include changing the radio station, smoking, eating snacks and slowing down to look at accidents.

A spokesman said: "Although it may be unintentional, careless drivers are a menace on the roads and are a danger to both themselves and others. Not only are these bad driving habits, but also expensive habits if you are caught."

The study found a two-fold increase in insurance premiums of newly qualified drivers who were caught being careless behind the wheel over the past year.

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